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La Bersagliera restaurant in Neapolitan movies

La Bersagliera restaurant is the location of some movies where, Ingrid Bergman in “Viaggio in Italia”, Marcello Mastroianni and Jack Lemmon in “Maccheroni”, had dinner.

In the movie “Viaggio in Italia”, Katherine and Alex Joyce, an english couple arrived in Naples  to sell a house inherited. The couple had a short time of crisis and looked around individually the reality: she looked for the historical assets, while he looked for the entertainment. An altercation brought them near to divorce. They had a short tour in Pompey where Katherine was shocked by the exhumation of a couple interred into the lava. They were coming back home when they came across in a religious procession and were lost; They looked around and finally they met up again in a hug that introduce the new course of their relationship.

La Bersagliera restaurant is located in one of the most suggestive place of Naples. In 1919 madame Emilia Del Tufo, the bersagliera, started with the restaurant. She cooked for her family and sailors, very soon she earned the taste of many customers.

La Bersagliera restaurant has become one of the most famous restaurant of Naples and not only is hosting habitual customers but also very important person.


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